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Wow. Dang.

It’s so sad. Life shouldn’t be this hard. Idk if people just do it to themselves, but some people do get dealt a bad hand.. idk Lord I am thankfuk for the life I have.

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Took a strange turn, but it's a happy ending I guess?

This is why I never bought into the trans ideology: what is this true gendered self they keep talking about? There is no true self. It's not like Stuart-the-penis is "real" either, he's just vastly more functional in society. My life became much simpler and easier when I realized that nothing is real, so I might as well wear the outer trappings of a successful person.

You sure nailed the AGP archetype though.

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Wow. Now that's a story. Great job.

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I have an above average amount of Orderliness/ Disgust-Sensitivity/ Conscientiousness personality trait on the OCEAN 5 personality traits assessment. So although I wanted to read this story, since I want to read more content by based right-wing authors, unfortunately I just could not continue to read this story even though I wanted to, because after the first few paragraphs the transgender was just too disgusting. I just skimmed the rest of the story.

However, even though this story was too disgusting for me to read most of it, I actually feel like I still respect it because I think more right-wingers need to be shocked out of apathy by disgust. Even though I'm right-wing, previously before trying to read this story I had some amount of pity for the transgenders since I thought maybe some of them are just gullible teenagers brainwashed by Global N Communism. Now after trying to read this story, I have no pity for transgenders anymore and have nothing but hatred for them. I've changed my mind and now I think pity for transgenders is a sign of weakness which shows a lack of moral virtues, justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude. Not hating transgenders is an injustice, pity for transgenders is a form of complacent moral degeneracy. I have to sometimes remind myself that having a proper amount of hatred for enemies is a necessary aspect of the virtue of justice, because I have a tendency to fall into apathy due to exhaustion from all the nonsense in clown world.

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