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Very noice. I fully support looking at religion as a tool, I mean if lets say members of a certain religion seem like they generally are able to build a better society etc, or have greater outcomes in life then non-members, then practicing it only makes logical sense, after all its what works.

Like a decade ago when I was on self-improvement pill, I remember coming across a community of former scientologists, who went "ok the whole Xenu stuff is ridiculous, but we would like to preserve the TECH" (TECH is their word for basically lifehacks).. Coz you can't argue that when looking at the outcomes of many practicing scientologists, whatever ridiculous psychological tricks or self-hypnosis they use it somewhat works, just look at all the top earning actors etc...

Or to take another thing a Mormon church, its finally succumbing now in the smartphone era, \they held out the longest from all religious communities, and kept their women in check much longer than any other community that dont go full amish or full taliban. Their women married young and were generally happy, the prohibition on substance abuse is a net positive, and imho their success at business is also due to Mormon church providing a safety net so people are not afraid to try and fail at business until they succeed.

So in my opinion religion works to provide better outcomes for the community and to less extent individually (But even individually one needs a working community for success), or at least worked until invention of smartphones and social media. With social media now its completely uncharted territory, coz it revealed true nature of women that seemed like a myth to lots of just a few years ago..

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Lmao, ZHP doesn't give a fuck!


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Great podcast but please make the voice distortion more pleasant, as of now it's tinny, straining to listen to.

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Is this actually the full and total account of every podcast appearance you’ve ever done?

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